Only The Important Stuff In Fashion is all about publishing only awesome articles when it comes to fashion. My goal is only to show the audience a different take on what’s happening in fashion.

Over many years I’ve tried to be different and amazing while keeping it original turns out it’s not that easy but at the same time when I gave it a thought – it was just as easy. So, the concept here is to put out our ideas and let you choose how creative, crazy, different,  exaggerated or original you want to be!

Over a long time I’ve also had many conversations with many people and when it came to researching stuff (anything from fashion to football to travelling) you always end up with a lot of information, most of which may be useless or not detailed enough. The name Only The Important Stuff In ….. came from these conversations where we thought in spontaneity that there needs to be a center out there that only puts out all the important stuff . This is how the blog and idea was created. I won’t hide that we are also trying to set up a Youtube channel and vary our blog having, and I’m only speculating here, OTIS in Football/Soccer, OTIS in Women’s Fashion, Otis in Relationships/Dating/Single lifestyle. Again with only the important stuff.

I am also someone who loves to meet and talk to new people, ( Zero Drama Policy though) I would love to know if you’re working on something and want to get it sent out. No matter what it is. If you’re very creative I would love to see what you’re into. I love creative people and meeting a few more won’t hurt.

This blog is also admin-ed by only me! Please support if you see something you like! Like, Share and Comment.. And Share!


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