Stylish Backpacks For 2015

If you are in the market for a new backpack and are looking to find something very that oozes novelty, creativity and originality, please read on.

Originally, I was looking for a bag to fit my laptop in, and of course that ended up in me looking for a fancy backpack. But if you are looking for a nice backpack for general use, look below for a set of the most stylish backpacks we selected. We also carefully selected almost all the bags below to have a layer of padding in case you are carrying a laptop in your backpack.

Also note that in this post we selected our top 5 and added some runner ups. If you want more pictures of the backpacks, we have added a gallery at the bottom of the post with more pictures.

So, without further ado let’s get into it.

Featured Styles

Mint Anaconda Backpack

Mint Anaconda Backpack

We decided to post this one as our first feature as this backpack as this one would be the most versatile option right now. The gold design add a classy touch and will match even your leather jackets no to mention all of your denim outfits. We opted to post a bag with a snakeskin design as this will add more originality, if you decide to go with a plain design that will work as well. On the downside I have seen this bag being used extensively. Therefore, if you get this bag you might find another group of people having slight variations of this bag. All in all though, this is a great bag to have, plus points for its versatility and a classy touch. Find this backpack on: sale here.

Knomo Beauchamp 14

Knomo Beauchamp 14


For our second feature we went with a simple and classy design. If you are looking for a bag that will be eye catching and yet not extravagant then this is the bag for you. This bag comes in 5 different colours, but this one combined with the gold zipper will make for one of the most original backpacks out right now.  I also think that this bag will still be stylish even three years from now. All of our features need to be versatile and this backpack will match all your denim, leather jackets and even your summer sleeveless shirts. Strongly recommended by us. You can find this bag: here.

Sprayground Gold Brick Backpack

Sprayground Gold Brick Backpack

Having a little flash isn’t something we shy away from here at Only The Important Stuff In Fashion, that’s why we included this pick in our post today. I’ll say that this is our second favourite backpack among all the ones we looked at. It’s a rare thing to find an item done well in all gold, and Sprayground has done a fine job with this one. For an extra padding of style and a huge standing-out compartment, follow this link: for a sale price.

Diesel Blockin’ Denim Backpack

Diesel Blockin' Denim Backpack

This bag was one of our initial major eye catchers and still is, however this bag comes around the $275 USD price point and if that is not of a concern to you then this is your go to option. This bag oozes creativity and originality and has everything to be one of these bags that will still still look fashionable even a couple from now. This backpack will blend seamlessly with all of your denim and will have a strong stand out factor. Strongly consider adding to your arsenal if you can. Find this: backpack here.

Diesel New Ride/ Diesel Mimetic On The Road Backpack

Diesel New Ride

This will be our top pick for this post. The softer price point and the original design made us gear towards this one. The gold logo and zipper add to the extra effect of style to this bag and the over all colour will add extreme originality to all your outfits. Look to combine on all your denim styles, leather jackets and it will still match your summer sleeveless gear. There are different colours to this one and sizes, look over the details if you decide to pick one up. the other colour below is also a great option. We did prefer the purple leather compared the the black leather detail at the bottom for originality. If you prefer something more versatile then we would recommend the black leather detail as shown below. Find this bag on: sale here at Diesel USA. I also found this on Saks Fifth Avenue: however they were not on sale.

Diesel Mimetic On The Road Black


Other Styles That We Liked

Depending on why exactly it is you are looking for a backpack or what kind of style you prefer, we added these few because they are different styles that are still very stylish and if combines right will make for awesome accessories. Please click on the backpack name under the picture for a link to a site where you can purchase the item.

Hershel Settlement Camouflage and Navy Backpack



Mint Anaconda Red Back Pack




Want Les Essentiels De La Vie Kastrup Backpack Tropical






Modernaked Miranda Globby Print Backpack



Little America Backpack Bone/Navy/Burgundy





Well There You Have It

Here are some of the picks we found online that we found o be very stylish. Also, I have compiled more pictures of all the styles featured in this post.

Please let me know if you found even better sale prices or deals and send me a link so I can update the ones on here. If you have any suggestions about what could be added also let us know.

Do you agree with our selections? Let us know in the comment section below.

Always, if you liked the post don’t hesitate to share, comment and subscribe.



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