Top Colognes for Early 2014

Ask me this, what kind of cologne do I like?  And I’d give you a very complicated answer, something like – I like something that conveys sophistication, subtlety, originality – as always, it has to be a subtle form of unspoken confidence. Obviously, at least I imagine, most of you are going –   that has nothing to do with smell.

It does… To me .

Here at OnlyTheImportantStuffInFashion our focus is on originality, creativity and being different. Something that I like to add when it comes to smell – cologne for some of you out there –  is a sense of mystery. Cologne should have a subtle sense of mystery. Ideally, girls should catch a sniff and them being inquisitive about you should be a reflex. The fragrances selected for this post have been carefully chosen and took into consideration not being too strong or  too spicy, it goes the same for the other end – none are very soft or resemble ladies’ perfumes – just so you know. Also, I personally vouch that all of these cologne come with the much coveted quality of ‘smelling like a man’ which have numerous times been cited as the foremost description of our no.1 pick (Also, the one I use).

In other words, (or much the same actually), if you feel like your cologne should be something that is intricate, that describes mystery, originality, instinctive then these are ones you should at least have a look at.

In this post I am highlighting some of men’s fragrances which are very popular and some which are rather low key. I have included some of our favourites and made a top 5 list further down.  Please note that we have been rather biased and have included most of which are of our liking. Yeah that WAS a joke. Kind of.

Top Men’s Colognes 2013/ Early 2014

Note that we’ve listed a top 5 in descending order where our top pick is at the end and we’ve also added a few bonuses which can be considered as close finalists to make the top 5. You’ve been waiting for it, so here they are:

5. Dolce and Gabbana – Light Blue

Light Blue

Light Blue

We really like Light Blue for a few reasons. If you’re someone that prefers very light smelling cologne that has more of a fresh smell then i’d say this cologne is the one you should go for. It sends out a very clean cut image and subtke sophistication that some people look for specifically. I’d wear id I worked in an office or if I wanted a cologne that would catch attention but not draw instant attention. Personally speaking I would prefer something else if I was having a night out.

4. Givenchy – Gentlemen’s Only

Givenchy Gentlemen Only

Givenchy Gentlemen Only

Givenchy’s Gentlemen Only comes very close to the description of the Light Blue at No.5. They both have a lighter smell and are both subtle arts when it comes to colognes that keep a fresh aspect. Both are top level colognes in our books but they both miss the tom-toms or sweetness that adds sexy to a cologne which is why they make No.4 and No.5 of the chart. If you’d like something fresh and clean cut both are things you need to have a look at. A little plus to Gentlemen Only for an added shade of edge to the cologne.

3. Adam Levine – For Him

Adam Levine For Him

Adam Levine For Him

Adam Levines break out cologne is by far one of the best smelling colognes for men that have come out recently. Between the top 3 here, I’d like to say very little separates them. I’d almost say between Acqua Di Gio and Adam Levine’s For Him there’s no difference. If personally I was buying I’d pick For Him. This cologne combines with great skill the sweet and subtly strong cologne that oozes sexy and the smell-like-a-man factor.

2. Armani – Acqua Di Gio

Armani Acqua Di Gio

Armani Acqua Di Gio

Acqua Di Gio I’d say could probably be the best selling cologne of 2013. This cologne as much as I liked it combined effectively the sense of fresh and attraction. Gets minus points due to the fact that it is very popular and you may get other people wearing the same cologne as you. It is the most expensive one of the bunch though so that may be the factor that gets people thinking again but I’d say if you’re more of someone that prefers colognes that went with a fresh smell in mind then this is your pick. Still maintains a great effect of catching attention but I’d be wary of it’s popularity. All in all nothing bad to say about it, definitely have a look at this before you make your choice.

1.John Varvatos – USA

John Varvatos Star USA

John Varvatos Star USA

Star USA Campaign

Star USA Campaign

This makes our top pick easily. I’ve been told over and over again how this cologne smells like brilliance. This cologne as almost all John Varvatos colognes combines with delicate precision the effect of a sweet smelling cologne with a strong scent. The ‘has to smell like a man’ factor is blended to sparkling perfection. Another plus point on our end is that it is not as popular as the other fragrances that made this post, that simply means look forward to inquisive minds. Our say? If you are one for originality, creativity and standing out then we have zero hesitation when we say do not miss out on this. Perfection.

Great Alternatives

Jean Paul Gaultier – Le Beau Male

This is a great cologne, it didn’t make the top 5 however. It comes down to the fact that this cologne happened to be too much on the fruity side for my liking. Great cologne nonetheless.

Givenchy  – Play / Play Intense

If you are a fan of stronger smelling colognes yet keeping a great smell-like-a-man smell then this one’s yours. When I tried it, it verged too much of the strong cologne side which is why it came very close but didn’t make the top 5.

Adidas – Fresh Impact Deodorant Spray

I’ve included this one as a great sidekick, if you will, to have in hand. If you’re like me and would probably get bored of the same smell day on day out and are looking for a cheap alternative then this would be your bet. I’ve been asked numerous times whether this was spray – that sells for around $10 CAD (if not much less) –  was expensive cologne. I am not lying when I say far too many people assumed it was from one of the best fashion houses when it was a simple canister of deodorant spray. I would not think twice if I saw it in a store.

So there you have it, OnlyTheImportantStuffInFashion’s top pick picks for colognes. We apologize for the delay as this post was supposed to be up for the holidays, however, the team’s slowly getting back on track. We thank you for reading and hope you have a great guide to help you. Don’t forget to follow our web page with your email or our twitter/Facebook page for all our new posts!


2 responses to “Top Colognes for Early 2014

  1. My answer to what i like in cologne is similar. Sexy, daring, confident but all with style. I think it is really like what I feel when I wear this cologne. And the cologne Gentlemen’s only is precisely that.

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