Drop Crotch: The Ultimate Guide + Do It Or Not?

Drop Crotch Pants are heavily criticized. Our take on this? Ignore them.

Drop crotch pants are a fresh style that have been murdered by certain people (*cough* Justin Bieber) or their ‘crazy-over-edge’ facet leaves people indecisive but  Drop Crotch pants if done right will be an outstanding fashion style and something of a difference and change.

We here at Only The Important Stuff in Fashion are big fans of being original with your fashion style, being creative and standing out – and the Drop Crotch bottoms design provides just that. However you may, and just as many people have, argue that the style is too ‘different’ or ‘crazy’ and to that we say: please look below –  this is what this post is about.

Why The Drop Crotch Bottoms?

Drop crotch is simple –  it’s a statement.

If you are one for risk taking with your fashion style and coming out on top- then Drop Crotch bottoms is something you need as a staple in your closet.  The biggest enemy of Drop crotch right now is the fact that it’s new and also daring. Not everyone’s willing to take the risk and that’s the main reason it hasn’t taken off. If you ask us though, if the style had taken off it wouldn’t be on our website. we are people who love styles that are fresh and that haven’t been tried and played with by everyone you can think of.

Drop Crotch bottoms initiated a lot of hesitation and even a lot of negative opinions. We strongly believe it is because of the immediate ‘craziness’ of the cut. There was no easing into it when it came to drop crotch pants – the public was directly engaged in a crazy fashion trend which left a lot of people wondering really – and obviously we had the big mouths who clearly brandished it. (Yes, I did want to use that word.) To this we will say you can go easy on the droop and it will still look good but this style is a statement. Therefore, the crazier it is the more of a statement you make.

We also have an unbiased team and if you ask us if there isn’t any uncertainty from us when it comes to this style we won’t lie to you. We love the Drop Crotch style however, if you can go past a little rap from people then the part we don’t like is that these pants won’t favour your backside (we decided to add ‘bum’ here.) Make sure you watch out in when it comes to that.

Which Ones To Get/ Our Picks

If you go buy our motto then you have to carefully choose which Drop Crotch to select. Like we’ve mentioned before you getting your selection right is the main step in rocking Drop Crotch bottoms the right way.

That said, look below to see the designs we have opted for and recommend.

Straight Cut Drop Crotch Denim

Drop Crotch Denim Straight Cut

Drop Crotch Denim Straight Cut

This one has been included for the straight cut and the details.

Drop crotch bottoms don’t necessarily have to have a huge droop and we like when it fits closely. The droop this subtle will do enough of a change so as to be able to alter most of your outfits and give them another edge and for those that might be looking to wear drop crotch to places like work or for casual occasions then this one is the go-to.

When it comes to this design big fans of the colour however, if you will be getting one pair of drop crotch bottoms make sure you get versatile ones – a denim blue might be a better option.

The bonus is this will fit on boots, high tops or sneakers as in the picture, so versatility is there.

Our Favourite Design

Drop Crotch Chinos

Drop Crotch Chinos

Our favourite would have been denim but this one has been included for the perfect cut.

Drop crotch bottoms come in almost any material and chinos work well considering the material will hold on place but will also keep a casual look as it’s pretty free material.

What got us with this specific pair is the cut. If you are going to get Drop Crotch bottoms, no matter what the material, make sure you get this cut.

There are a few things we like about its cut. The first part is how the extended crotch is there however is not with the balloon shape. The design will fit closely and that’s what you need to look for. If you are getting Drop Crotch bottoms – make sure you get the ones that fit rather closely at the droop.

Plus something tells us that casual styles go better with the drop crotch cut –   the clincher in getting the favourite stamp.

Athletic Drop Crotch Bottoms

Athletic Drop Crotch Style

Athletic Drop Crotch Style

The dominant way I’ve seen Drop Crotch pants being used is when wearing casual, athletic pants – whether that’d be in cotton or nylon as in the picture.

This cut is completely based on the sweat or tracksuit bottoms so they are designed to look casual, sporty and relaxed – that means that the colour won’t matter much and it will all depend on your taste. Generally speaking black and grey are two colours you can’t go wrong with. The athletic cut also adds a very baggy feature all the way to the calves – we generally like skinny at the calves but in the track bottoms case go with loose. It will serve both as style and use – they will be more practical if you actually might be using them in physical exercise.

We here are big fans of high top shoes and if you are choosing athletic Drop Crotch bottoms you will be able to sport them.

One of our strongest recommends.

Drop Croptch Bottoms: The original intention.

`Crazy`Drop Crotch Bottoms

`Crazy`Drop Crotch Bottoms

Originally, drop Crotch bottoms were meant to be taken over the edge and if you aren’t afraid of taking risks with your fashion style then this look is yours.

This cut here is cotton based and it works well. This material will also help in your mobility as the stretch in the material won’t keep you too restricted in your movements. Cotton has also been featured in most of all the fashion houses who have decided to feature Drop Crotch as part of their latest collections – so no negative reviews should be expected in that direction.

We will without hesitation recommend this look to anyone willing to try. This look strongly points out that you are brave with your fashion style and exudes confidence – not many people will be confident enough to try this so if you do – you are making a statement. Look to stand out too.

Only to be tried if your are not afraid to take a certain level of rap, if you love taking risks and if standing out and being different is on your priority list. Strongly recommended by us and combine as mentioned  in the ‘Lookbook’ section below for optimum effect.

Denim Drop Crotch Jeans

Denim Drop crotch Bottoms + Accessorized

Denim Drop crotch Bottoms + Accessorized

As some of you may know – we are big fans of denim.

This design makes the list because we like the casual colour and the skinny/slim cut. The cut will make sure this pair will fit magnificently with high tops or boots and the accessories that come with this pair do no wrong. This colour will also make sure that most things will match up top. Think even a V-neck white t shirt might do the trick, so the versatility is there.

The skinny cut also makes sure you won’t have to worry too much about what to wear with it – the drop crotch there is subtle enough and doesn’t show too much but still there for whoever is looking.

this one would have made our favourite because of its versatility of the cut and the colour however, missed out because the colour is still very casual. If you ask us a more unique colour of the denim might have been better there. Think tapered. Check out our lookbook below for a denim look that did make our top selection.

How To Wear Drop Crotch/ Our Lookbook

Slight Variation

Slight Drop Crop Design For Subtle Alteration

Slight Drop Crop Design For Subtle Alteration

I’ve included this one to accentuate the fact that you can keep a rather usual outfit but adding Drop Crotch bottoms as an alteration.

As displayed in this look, you can keep a T-shirt and a jaket but the alteration here was the drop crotch bottoms which I think add a nice touch. I’ve personally tried on close fit jackets and drop drotch bottoms and they’ve worked well- so that is a recommended look on our behalf.

I would also like to add that either high tops or boots are our preferred choice of footwear when it comes to drop crotch bottoms.

If you are one that wants to try the drop crotch style but don’t want to take it over the edge – then try something like this. A casual look will work better.

Formal Accessorized + Creative

Formal but Keeping Originality and Crazy

Formal but Keeping Originality and Crazy

One aspect of drop crotch pants that are worth mentioning is its prevalence or ‘widespread’ in formal wear.

Originally, Drop Crotch bottoms were actually worn with sports jackets – that will be our take on its heavy inclusion. That said, we don’t mind that look at all but believe if you accessorize the look it will fare better.

If standing out and being adventurous with your style is high on your list then this one is it. Bonus points for the ability to be sported at work (depending on your employment) and also for a casual or formal night out.

Formal Mixed With Drop Crotch

Formal With Drop Crotch

Formal With Drop Crotch

We’ve decided to include this one to show you exactly what most big houses have decided to go with since last winter.

This is the raw look and honesty speaking it gets us wondering like the rest of the world there.  if you ask us though, this look is asking for boots and a couple of accessories such as a bow tie and suspenders and maybe  hipster glasses would give you a wonderful look.

We would rock this look as mentioned in the paragraph above but all we are really saying is that this look needs to be accessorized – so get creative. Among our list would be wallet chains in metal, studded belt and rolling up the sleeves for a more rugged look.

Denim Drop Crotch

Drop Crotch Denim

Drop Crotch Denim

If you have been following then you’ll know we love denim.

This here is one of our favourite looks – top 2 matter of fact – for a number of reasons. We like both looks that are in this picture, as we’ve suggested before, boots are our preference on this look and that’s because of the stylish nature of the look.

Originally, this look was best and most popularly paired with a sposts jacket and if you ask us after looking at this picture there’s no reason to doubt it. The jeans in this picture have also been cut just right so as to not be excessively designed but the cut is clearly a statement. The sleeves on the jacket in the picture in the right adds further of a statement – nothing unpleasant there.

If you were looking for how to best wear drop crotch bottoms then this one is it. Be careful though, only to be worn for the right occasions – this look doesn’t look like an everyday affair to us but if it is to you then go right ahead. Strongly recommended, our stamp of approval easily.

Featured Looks

We’ve featured this three looks to get you guys to be as creative as you wish. The style hasn’t cemented into anything yet and almost every fashion house big or small are experimenting to see what works best – so don’t be shy and try different things. We’ll say this one more time time though: two of our best selections are the denim look as in the xample before or a very casual sporty look both are surefire crowd pleasers.

There You Have It

Well there you go, that was our ultimate guide to drop crotch pants. If you were wondering whether or not to try them, then we hope our advice and suggestion might have helped you make a decision. Please don’t forget to share and like and comment! Also, have a look at the pictures below for some more looks and cuts.


10 responses to “Drop Crotch: The Ultimate Guide + Do It Or Not?

  1. Just like when the bell bottoms came out. It took a while before people started to realize the trend. But it caught on.

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  3. In my opinion, the drop crotch pant style is the ugliest, stupidest, most unattractive, most unflattering style to ever hit the “fashion” market. It even surpasses the unattractive women’s dress styles of the early 1900s. Why anyone would want to debase oneself by wearing such rags is totally beyond me.

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  6. Awesome info cool styles, were are some online stores I could find these drop crotch pant manly all of them. I can’t find any this good.

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