Men’s Shearling Jacket : Stand-Out trend for A/W 12/13

Alert: This season’s stand out trend for men – the shearling jacket. The shearling jacket has been part of many big collections for quite some time but has maintained it’s presence until now and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop either; simple reason not a lot of people have tried it so far.

If you ask our opinion on this? Even more reason to do it.

Why The Shearling Jacket?

This jacket requires a lot of bravery to be worn, simply put. The shearling look has been very popular down the years and has been used on jackets year in year out many times down the years. Needless to say some of these designs were less than likable.

There have also been a fair share of people who never really gave up on their shearling coat and that’s one of the main reasons why shearling jackets are not taking off.

However, recently with new jacket cuts and detailing, shearling looks like one of these trends you definitely have to try, however, due to the past nature of shearling, not everyone would be willing to take the risk. To us? All reason more to try it. Looking at recent trends in clothing, just as I mentioned with denim shirts , shearling jackets is your surefire way to be different and still look stylish.

Also, shearling jackets have always embodied our innermost mottoes. That is being original, standing out and creativity. If you decide to wear a shearling jacket not only do you exude confidence but you also embody the idgaf attitude which basically means you do what you want to. If you give it an extra thought – that works well with girls.

Which Shearling Jackets/ Our Picks

Shearling coats come in different shapes and colours as well. Only The Important In Fashion will tell you this though you have to make sure you get the right ones.

Classic Shearling Colour W/ Leather Jacket

Classic Shearling Colour And Leather

Classic Shearling Colour And Leather

Thing you have to look for if you are getting a shearling jacket is make sure the jacket is slim fit or it fits you closely –  that is what differentiates older shearling jackets from the newer ones. Also, make sure your selection is detailed.

The one in the picture is a design by Comodo Square.  At first look this is a very simple jacket but if you loook closely you’ll realize that the only thing that’s simple is the cut. It is cut almost as a sports jacket but has some of the best detailing jackets can get. The subtle detailing makes this jacket versatile and the zipper add personal style.  The shearling collar is superbly done and rounds off a jacket we strongly like.

If you are a person that likes his jacket versatile and are also a fan on aviator/shearling jackets, don’t miss out.

Lanvin Shearling Coat – Grey/ Trenchcoat

Trenchcoat Design/ Grey Shearling

Trenchcoat Model/ Grey Shearling

The model/cut of your jacket, as we mentioned up top, matters. Therefore, if you want shearling with a trenchoat appeal, you can’t go wrong.

The highlight of this design is the trenchcoat model mixed with the colour of the shearling and they’ve done a fine job. Plus, the blue navy colour can only do good.

Personally, I really like the trenchcoat models, even when they come in classic colours. They tend to be for the colder weathers though or they end up looking very classy, so make sure you wear them on right occasions. Given the right coating they should be able to do well in any situation.

Our verdict? If you like the model, go for it. If you like different colour shearlings then the grey is not one to skip.

Bomber Shearling Jackets + Black Colour

Bomber Jackets W/ Shearling and Black

Bomber Jackets W/ Shearling and Black


Last thing you need to keep in mind when getting a shearling make sure the detailing is there. The highlight of this jacket is definitely the tunnel collar with the straps. I’d like to mention though, I would have preferred straps at the wrists too.

Also, a lot of collections came up with their own bomber jackets with added shearling. Those in general will be easier to find at cheaper prices and they will go well with almost any outfit.

We’ve added this one because a few collections came with black shearling, we will agree that may be hard to combine with different outfits but the black on black always works – especially with different fabrics.

Our Pick: Burberry Shearling – Our Favourite

Our Favourite.

Our Favourite.

We won’t be able to describe how much we love this jacket – we seriously love everything about this jacket.

This jacket has everything the tunnel neck detailing. Straps around the wrist not to mention the perfect close body fit. The complete shearling inner lining is also something we strongly recommend – that is the critical extra that will take a shearling jacket from good to magnificent. The colour has also been  combined just right but if you want other colours, they come in different colour combinations too.

Magnificently designed, we have nothing bad to say about this gem. Well, maybe the price, you’ll have to splurge to get this one but if that’s not a problem then this one is the way to go.

How To wear/What To Wear With

What to wear with your shearling jacket? Lookbook below.

Depending which jacket you have, you’ll have to combine your items right. Another thing you’ll have to keep in mind is: are you going to be wearing casual or trendy. One thing I’ll always wear on shearling though is Boots. Make sure you get a pair of combat boots, I’d choose black, that are detailed or distressed with shin height shaft.

Our No.2 Fav: Bomber + Casual + High Tops

Shearling W/ Casual

Shearling W/ Casual

Shearling can we worn with a casual look as in the picture above. The outfit has also been mixed with a smart appeal which works really well with the close fit bomber. Recently, more and more of the bomber/close fit jackets have been accessorized with shearling collar or even complete inner lining. These are the styles that have kept surfacing down the years – we’ll say this though make sure your choice has excellently done detailing or recent close fit designs and you won’t go wrong.

Skinny jeans or pants as in this picture also works well with the look and I will mention generally going for anything that is close fit. Drop crotch pants on this look would work wonders and definitely has our stamp of approval.

I’ll give bonus points to this look for its versatility, I’ll rock this at the office any day and hit a bar after work no problem –  the shearling gives your image the extra edge.

Trenchcoat Style W/ Boots

Trenchcoat + Boots

Trenchcoat + Boots

Please note that I’ve only included this pic because of the overall look – not the shearling.

This complete look put together is exactly how we’d rock the trenchcoat shearling. The loose pants is something we strongly recommend you add to your wardrobe and it can be combined with any jacket. The highlight of this look is the shin high boots which are detailed to look worn out. The top can be almost anything of your choice, our recommendation would be something of with a ‘careless’ touch – could be a loose or distressed  T-shirt. And for the sake of this autumn winter collections – get yourself a pair of leather driving gloves!

The flashy shearling on this coat has definitely been added for a grand look. Only to be worn carefully though. Not sure we’d recommend on any other day than when you are looking to bring down down the house.

Our Favourite: Shearling Jacket + Boots/ Distressed Look.

Our Favourite

Our Favourite

Our favourite –  this look combines all our mottoes and exudes them.

We went with this one as our favourite rather easily as a well designed shearling jacket is strongly amplified with style when combined with as in the picture. There is a certain level of layering there that has been done just right but if you simply wish to wear a distressed T-shirt, that would work wonders as well.

This look is a surefire head turner, if you like originality or to have your own different look, then this look is for you. Not only is this look super charged trendy but you’ll have that extra flair because not everyone would be willing to try this look. Our official seal.

Another reason we’ve included the picture is to strongly suggest you get your hairstyle done right to amplify this look. If you need some help with hairstyles, click here for our post on our top hairstyle selections.

Have You Watched The Dark Knight Rises?

Bane Shearling Jacket Attire

Bane Shearling Jacket Attire

Yes, that was a shearling coat and wasn’t it magnificent.

This one I’ve added partly for fun and partly also because the jacket that was included in Bane’s costume for Batman: The Dark Knight Rises was sublime. Seal of approval given- didn’t even think twice. It was also a good movie, strongly recommended from our team!

Shearling Jacket + Add Your Own Flair

Adding Your Own Flair

Adding Your Own Flair

We’ve added this look to our lookbook only because we want to say that a shearling jacket or coat will add automatic class to any outfit so don’t forget to try your own looks. Please look at the images below to find more examples of items or other looks that we found worthy.

The combined style up top was part of the Lanvin winter collection and has super flair. The colour and shearling grey does only good but this jacket does come with a huge price tag and four figure digits on it.

Well There You Have It

We wish to thank you for reading our post and hope you liked it. Please don’t hesitate to like, comment and share if you see anything you like. Also, feel free to give me opinions in the comments below, far below!


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