Staple: Men’s Denim Shirt/The Ultimate Guide

What do you need right now? It’s in the title. How To/Which One To Wear? Read below.

I don’t know about you but when I went shopping this December I had a lot of trouble finding things to get and not that it’s a bad thing – for once I was able to save some money, even though all of it really went into bills, eloquently done bills, eloquently done – but it did kind of upset me, I like buying new clothes simply because it gives me an easy way to be creative and I can also help my blog visitors.

Lately most fashion trends have been about simple design and plain colours, almost any colour. The way to break from that and still be super stylish is The Denim Shirt.

All I would find would be the same old white and black T-shirts which I have and in more colours as well. Shirts – classic and casual – which I’m tired of since I wear them to work all the time. Worse part is I bought so many of pairs jeans this year that most of the ‘new’ ones seemed bleak(yes, I did want to use that word).

Then while looking for things I found that denim shirt that I’ve been wanting to get for a while now but haven’t found where I am currently residing and I was skeptical but then I tried it on…

The Denim Shirt – Ideology

Why the denim shirt? Standing out/ Trying different things to be different.

Right now amid all the black or brown jackets, White or Black T-shirts, Grey or Black Scarves comes the Denim Shirt,  a sure way to stand out. Lately most fashion trends have been about simple design and plain colours, I’ll grant you this though, almost any colour. The way to break from that and still be super stylish is The Denim Shirt.

The denim shirt is this, it’s rejuvenating an old fashion style that was a full fledged hit before and it’s also something not everyone is willing to try, coincidentally because of the first reason. My personal point in convincing all of readers is this though: This piece of clothing is something of a change right now but it is in no way less trendy, in fact, it may be even more especially if you dress the part.

Hence, get the denim shirt.

The Denim Shirt – Carefully Choosing One.

Denim shirts are tricky though. To me it this way, a denim shirt has to be detailed (There are many, many different ways) but the smallest thing can tip the design over – messing the shirt up completely; one piece of detail too much or too little and the whole design’s done.

Also, the fit has to be just right. In my opinion, they should be close fit; so make sure you get one that fits, last resort, closely. If you’re muscular I’d recommend almost tight. Certainly, under no circumstance to be worn loose/baggy, just don’t.

Therefore, make sure you pick the right one. That’s also the reason why denim shirts are not that popular; too many of the wrong ones have been picked.

So, Which Ones To Get? Have a look below.

The Denim Shirt – Choosing The Right One/Our Picks

Please keep in mind that I am featuring products mainly from high end brands in this post – most of these designs and colours can be found exactly the same and for much cheaper! Check out your local stores! We simply wish to guide and motivate you!

Ralph Lauren Western Denim Shirt

Ralph Lauren Western Denim Shirt 225

Ralph Lauren Western Denim Shirt [$225]

This is without a doubt part of my top two. If you like a denim shirt that combines trend and versatility then you get this.

This one’s cowboy shirt cut, colour and the detailed fade makes this one of the ones I like the most. We should also mention that the whole denim shirt look has been in major ways part of the cowboy shirt lineage. The design on the pockets also adds to making this shirt perfection, plus, the darker colour will add an extra sense of style.

The Denim Shirt I have is the same exact colour but the design is different other than the top part. What I like about this colour is that you can wear this with different clothing styles and they all will look good. Ex If you combine this with combat boots, that will be a look turning heads or if you choose a skinny tie black denim and flat shoes, no different.

Verdict: It’s the one I chose, so if you like it don’t hesitate.

G-Star Co Cowboy Ring Shirt

Co Cowboy Ring Shirt [$175]

Co Cowboy Ring Shirt [$175]

As we’ve said and mentioned our main goal is to stand out – this shirt does just that.

Detailing is something we look for like crazy, we’d have to add though, detailing has to be done just right – you can’t go too much or too little. This shirt however, got it just right; the cowboy design inclusive the fade is magnificently done. Not to ignore the stonewashed and distressed look all add up to making this shirt absolute perfection. I also personally like the cuffs which have detailing on them, annoying that we’d recommend rolling up your sleeves if you’re wearing this denim shirt though.

Overall, I have nothing bad to say about this shirt. if you like meticulous detailing on your clothes and are very fashionable then this should be your pick. Close fitting, detail, pockets –  I don’t see why not.

Pepe Heritage Denim Shirt

Pepe Heritage Denim Shirt [$149.51]

Pepe Heritage Denim Shirt [$149.51]

Still faded this one is included for the design and the lighter colour.

Originally, I was looking for a denim shirt with a lighter colour. Simple reason, it provides for a more casual look. This shirt can be worn with a more trendy look don’t get us wrong, but to us it feels it should be combined with black denim bottoms and flat shoes. There is versatility to this one because of the design, they’ve kept the cowboy shirt template and have done a good job with the fading.

I’d definitely combine with darker looking bottoms and could be with boots or sneakers.

Extremely fashionable but to be worn carefully though, however if you are into more casual looks or simply like the lighter colour of denim shirts then this one is yours.

Dsquared Denim Shirt

Dsquared Denim Shirt [$336.84]

Dsquared Denim Shirt [$336.84]

Sometimes simpler is better – well…

This shirt is a simple denim shirt with darker colour. With intricately done fades on the shoulder and around the waist/ rib-cage. It won’t look too detailed however, Dsquared decided to keep the cut simple but add different distressed designs which makes this shirt different and keeps it awesome.

If you like the trending style of simple cuts and coincidentally also like distressed looks and denim then this shirt may just well do it for you.

**For more pictures of shirts and designs including this one, please scroll to the bottom.

G-Star Co Arizona Shirt

Co Arizona Shirt [170]

Co Arizona Shirt [$170]

Denim shirts come in all sorts of blue. Tired? Why not try black.

If you really are tired of the blue denims make sure you try this. I’m not sure if this is chambray(The soft fabric that looks like denim) but I doubt it is.

In any case even though this design is not detailed, in our opinion it doesn’t have to be. The perfectly sleek black colour with the simpler cut and the way it fits all contribute to making this shirt, something we recommend.

Another different colour we really like for denim is grey. If you’re looking for difference in colour don’t fret this one or grey will work just fine.

Now that we’ve looked at the best picks, let’s have a look at how to wear them.

The Denim Shirt – How To Wear It

We are also very open to different styles, if you ask us, if you’ve tried something and you really feel it working then go with it. However, below we are going to include some of the best styles including our personal best.

First And Foremost – Buttons.

Should you or shouldn’t you button up your shirt? The answer is it is up to you. There are three major ways you can wear denim and all three are fine by us, even though we have a little penchant for casually open button at the top or a little exaggerated even. Let’s look at the three types:

Opened w/ White Tee

Denim Shirt Open White T

Buttoned Up/ Buttoned Up Accessorised

Trussardi Buttoned Up Accessorised


Trussardi Open Buttons

The Lookbook

Finally, how to wear it all? Lookbook below.

Light Colour, Opened , With Black And Sneakers
David Beckham Denim Shirt Opened

David Beckham Denim Shirt Opened

This has been a really popular look lately. You can wear it with any kind of hat though, we’d go with black military hats or snapbacks. The classic part comes with having the shirt partly or fully open with a white Tee inside. Black pants and a pair of sneakers usually do the trick. Accessorize with wayfarer glasses for optimum style.

Denim On Denim W/ The Tee
Denim On Denim Keeping The Tee

Denim On Denim Keeping The Tee

Denim on denim is our our favourite way to wear denim shirts. This look though keeps a laid back look with the fact that you are keeping a white t-shirt inside. Keep with sneakers  to maintain a casual look, plus, we’d accessorize with wayfarer glasses.

Our Favourite: Denim On Denim W/ Boots
Denim On Denim With Boots

Denim On Denim With Boots

The picture above says it all. You can go with your boots outside your jeans or inside. the shirt can be kept open or closed all up to you. Carrying a dufflebag would be strongly recommended by us. By general rule of thumb keep your belt the same colour as your boots. This look should be accessorized with grey aviator glasses for optimum style.

Our Top Selection: The above but W/Buttoned Shirt
Denim on Denim + Boots W/ Buttoned Shirt

Denim on Denim + Boots W/ Buttoned Shirt

This to us is the top of the food chain when it comes to Denim Shirts. Simply put, this style taken to a whole new level. Confidence, owning your surrounding, style and cool are all your allies with this look. Brave enough to try a look that’s seasoned but adding all elements of modern fashion. Gentlemen, when you wish to impress only.

Casual Denim Shirt
Denim Shirt on Shorts

Denim Shirt on Shorts

If you are into summer styles or like dressing casually then this look is for you. Keep in mind the denim shirt can be worn trendy and very laidback as well. A number of people choose to wear them in a summer/tropical look and wearing your denim shirt with a straw hat shorts, vans or boat shoes is a casual style that boasts and requires confidence. A look to have up your sleeve when due time arises.

Well There You Have It

That was the ultimate guide to Denim Shirts. We’ve included everything from an introduction, answered questions such as: is it worth wearing, which ones to pick and how to wear them.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our post and if you’ve liked what you’ve seen then don’t forget to like, share and comment!

For an extra lookbook have a look at the pictures based on Denim Shirts in the tiles below:


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