Crazy Shoes For Men: The Ones You Really Should Try

2012 has sparked one really big thing – insanely coloured or designed shoes. And if there’s one thing you need to get right now then it’s a pair of the aforementioned.

Standing out and doing insane things have been like a game recently. That’s probably been prompted by the whole music industry but I’ll also add that a lot of new, different designs have come out – plus they all seem to have one concept in mind “Standing Out”.

What’s our take on this whole trend, you ask? Do It! Why? (You, again ask?) Stop with the questions and read below.

Only The Important Stuff In Fashion is all about standing out and this trend right now is a royal serving via silver platter to try something without risking too much. Getting a pair of these not only guarantees that you will stand out but also that you will have the ‘I don’t care what people think about me’ or ‘I do what I want when I want’ attitude. Both run well with girls. Or boys. There is also a strong element of bravery/dare – not everyone is going to be up to the mark – so medals of honour to you. Last but not least, this an opportunity for you to showcase creativity and originality, it’s a chance you should seize. The way I see it there are many people doing the same thing and getting bored – why not do something crazy.

Footwear  in general is also a part of your attire you can exaggerate and it has been this way for a decades – think colourful high tops from the 90’s.

Three Things You Should Know:

A) I’d like to add is even though footwear can be taken to the next level, keeping my experience in perspective, make sure you get a shoe that you can wear in accordance to your outfit(s). There are many shoes out there that are so pimped out that in the end it feels like your outfit should only be made up of  you, your undies and the shoe – so choose well.

And B) This post is as much about inspiring you to actually try this trend and with these models, designs and colours as it is about highlighting the ingenuity of the shoes mentioned in this post. In fact, it’s more about inspiring you. There are a fair share of shoes in here that are very expensive, if you can afford them, then go for them. If not, please note that there will be other designers or local stores where you are, that will come out with similar models that will be much cheaper. They may not be exact but they will have the same attributes. In that case, don’t miss out on them.

C) If you’re still hesitating about this trend, please note that it has been part of almost every imaginable brand’s collections lately.

That said let’s get to our selection of the crazy men’s shoes men should actually try:

Jimmy Choo Printed Leather High Top Sneakers

Jimmy Choo Printed Leather High Top

Jimmy Choo Printed Leather High Top

I personally love these shoes. That out of the way, the fact that this shoe is a high top makes the shoe instantly trendy and the black and gold zebra print ensures this shoe is off the chain. Metallic colours have always been a go-to for people that follow their own fashion styles or those who like to stand out and be original – this pair manages to take it one step further by mixing it with an animal print and still making sure the shoe is magnificent.

Animal prints have been another trend that’s been highly popular in 2012 and a lot of people have been reluctant to try it out. So should you do it? Absolutely. Animal prints have only started to gain more ground and look for more animal prints in 2013 and in different colours. Animal prints such as the Zebra and Snake print have been the top ones, also the more stylish ones in my opinion but I’ve also seen Leopard prints as style toppers this year.

Bonus points go to the fact that this shoe will match almost any outfit – keeping with darker colours would work wonders- and also it can step up to any occasion. I see this working with a casual night out, clubbing or even in a classy environment.

So, predominant metallic gold, mixed with black,  high top, works with 90% of your outfits? Get It!

Alexander McQueen Puma Joust Boot

Alexander McQueen Puma Joust Boot [394]

McQueen Puma Joust Boot

This is another intricately detailed pair of sneakers that manages to keep an insane amount of flair.  Personally, I like how they’ve mixed two different materials but even more all the detailing. The stitching design at the back is something novel and also something I really like. The strap at the top has also been carefully added and is pulled off nicely.

This one, though not as crazy as many in this post, is one that will match almost any outfit.

If you’re looking for one pair of shoes to turn heads and a versatile one, then this one is yours. This one comes with the added perks of having been extremely well designed.  The metallic grey, detailed stitching and different colour laces are all there to make sure this pair of sneakers are super charged with style.

Jeremy Scott Adidas Originals

Jeremy Scott Adidas Originals Gold Black Wings

Another one of the highest trending head turning shoes in 2012 have been the Adidas Jeremy Scott collection. They’ve had anything from wings, tails or flames as a part of their shoes and even included any colour imaginable. It doesn’t end there they’ve also used different animal prints.

This collection has been one of my favourites and I own a pair, unfortunately not these ones.

If you’re wondering about the gold colour then let me assure you that they can almost be considered as a staple for the coming year. This pair with the colour and wings automatically makes you stand out and even further bonus points go to the fact that this can be worn with almost any outfit. Best part about these shoes they all range between 200 – 280 USD and they’ll be even better if you catch them in sale!

If you have a ‘penchant’ for the crazy when it comes to clothing then make sure you own this pair. Also make sure you check out the collection of pictures at the bottom to find more examples of my favourite Jeremy Scotts.

Dioniso Leather and Swarovski High Top Sneakers

Dioniso Leather and Swarovski High Top Sneakers

Something that was very hard to ascertain was whether these diamonds are real, but you know I’ll go with my gut feeling and say I doubt they are. If they were real then not only would about 90 percent of the world population not be able to afford them but the wearer would have to be paranoiac about just having them, let alone walking around in public.

These are a pair from Dioniso out of a Swarovski collection, and this is one of the craziest pairs of shoes I’ve seen lately, a pair of shoes completely(well, almost.) covered in crystals. Who would’ve thought?

Swarovski thought.

These shoes, all bad jokes aside, are crazy taken to the next level. I’d have to say though, you’d have to be very selective as to when or where you’re going to wear them. They are one of these shoes that when you wear them you’d better be a rockstar.  At first glance, that’s one – and if you ask me- the only drawback. For example, when do you wear them? They are a pair that will do extremely well at parties or events where everyone is dressing the part or where you are free to dictate your own style. I’d refrain from wearing them on casual occasions and I’d find it hard to find occasions on which to wear them.

All that aside, these shoes are definitely for you if you absolutely want to be the top of the food chain, at least in fashion. If you’re not fazed at all by wearing them on an everyday basis then get a pair. Honestly, if it comes down to me I’d look at the pair and rock them – nothing would stop me as long as I keep it classy. Watch out though these come at $1000 USD** a pop – more or less.

**For all prices go to the pictures at the end

Berhard Willhelm X Camper Striped Sneaker

Bernhard Willhelm X Camper Striped Sneaker

 The other part of crazy shoes for men – Colours. Before you read below I feel I should just mention that I love these shoes, that said – read below.

I don’t think I’d have to elaborate on how colours have popped out in  2012 and the way things are going colours are going to get crazier and crazier not to mention adding animal prints to the equation.

I personally can’t wait to get a pair of these and that’s not only because of the colours but also the design and the detailing. Might I first draw your attention to the soles, the jagged designs have only been used slightly. I also personally really like straps on shoes and the ones here are detailed with a paint print design. With the detailed tongue  and laces this shoe pulls off many of the attributes I look for in shoes. the only thing that might throw someone off are the colours and if you ask me – blue and red are not to be paired- however this one here has done a magnificent job of mixing these while adding black and white to take off the empahsis on these two colours.

I’ve got nothing more to add than get them! They also come at around $250-270 USD.**

**For all prices go to the pictures at the end

Giacomorelli Spiked Python High Top

Giacomorelli Spiked Python High top Sneakers

Studded – just one word for you.

This is a pair of sneakers from Giacomorelli – a brand that especially focuses on original, detailed sneakers. They’ve come out with a few models that I’ve really liked.

Studded shoes are one of those trends that has always been popular but a lot of brands have recently decided to promote it for this campaign. they’ve been on classic shoes, boots and my favourite sneakers too.

Studs are a fickle thing though, I believe you have to hit it just right, if it feel too much or not well designed the whole shoe loses it’s appeal. Which is why this one is here. This pair looks like a regular sneaker, however, the colour, layout of the studs and little change in design go well together. Also it has a studded pad covering the laces.

These shoes come in multiple colours and with different prints, look at the mosaic far below I’ve listed the best ones there.

Dsquared Mirrored Leather Sneakers

Dsquared Mirrored Leather Removable Metal Insert Sneakers

The things that makes this shoe stand out is definitely the design. Dsquared decided to up the game by designing a longer shaft and the tongue ends up in an almost V shape turning bigger at the top.

Definitely a go-to if your looking to stand out and if you are looking to complement having your own style. I should also say I would only recommend these if you are also rocking an outfit that would compliment the shoe – even though these shoes would even make a plain white tee look fly. This pair is also well detailed with the straps at the front and personally I really like the padded/wave stitching at the back.

These shoes have , my stamp of approval in all the ways you can think of. Uncool part is the shoe drops at 1000 USD** a pop, so unless you juggle diamond studs for a living these might be a little off your price range. If you do have the means then go for it.

**For all prices go to the pictures at the end

Guiseppe Zanotti Leather Zipped High Top Sneakers

Guiseppe Zanotti Leather Zipped High Sneakers

The crazy in this shoe is without any doubt the snakeskin print. Not only that, they’ve also managed to take it a step further by adding metallic grey to the mix, we say they’ve done the right thing.

I’ve also added this pair because of the design, there are zippers on either side and also one at the back. Zippers are another thing that are novel on footwear for this season – personally, I am a big fan of details, to me tis works perfectly.

If you’re someone who likes a little risky mixed with impeccable design – try something like this. Watch out though – this particular one here drops at around $700 USD.

Giacomorelli Glitter Embellished High Top Sneaker

Giacomorelli Glitter Embellished Hi Top Sneaker

 Now you’re probably looking at this she and going – Oh now what, glitter shoes? – My answer? Read below.

These shoes are very specific and I strongly urge you to dress the part if you are wiling to wear these.

If you ask me whether I’ll wear these? I think you know the answer already. That’s yes, however, I will dress the part. A lot of shiny colours have popped out lately and I’ve seen sports jackets with sequin lapels and I will be sure to combine with what’s above.

Like I’ve said before I’m someone who changes styles in clothing frequently, something like this guarantees most of what I try instantly looks magnificent. I’d wear clubbing, nights out, dinner parties, in fact any party. If you’re a fervent clubber or you attend many parties(anything from high school to half black tie) and you see a pair of these or something similar – take my advice don’t hesitate.

Are You By Any Chance A Party Rocker

Lmfao Men's Party Rock Shoes By Creative Recreation [79.99]

This one I added for fun and also I am a fervent Party Rocker! But don’t get me wrong those shoes are fly. Even better they come at under $80 USD! Sexy and here’s how to show it!

And That’s It… Ohh Wait, there’s More

Please check out the mosaic below to find additional pictures of the above shoes. Simply hover over the pictures to get the prices – they will be in brackets.

Also, if you liked the post then don’t forget to Like, Share and Comment. If you think there’s something we should have added or omitted or you just wish to show your appreciation then let us know in the comments below. Please be patient or re-load if it takes some time.


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