5 Shoes For The Stylish Man Or Every Man For That Matter

December! In some parts of the world that means winter and snow, in others it means summer, the beach and hottest temperatures of the year – common thing both have though is that December equals to shopping season no matter where you are and needless to say, we will be posting all sorts of articles regarding men’s clothing for December 2012 and making sure you buy things that will last you well into 2013 as well.

For our December Postings look forward to articles regarding anything from T-shirts to Jeans but today we will be looking at shoes. Also do keep in mind that even tough we are posting articles for the month of December 2012 our selections generally go well into the future year and in many occasions has even made it into though and into the following year.

Now, we thought well about what our posts should include about men’s shoes. After carefully thinking it over we came up with the conclusion that we will have to introduce all the shoes that have been topping trends recently and subsequently having articles to explain each in detail.

So, this article is as much 5 shoes every man needs to have in their wardrobe as much as it is  5 Shoes you need to buy for 2012 / 2013.

So let’s begin with our top selection of shoes every man needs in their wardrobe for December 2012 and most of, if not the entirety of, 2013.

Black High Top Sneakers …or Grey

Black High Tops With Detailing

Black High Tops

For the past year now and 2011 included, black high tops have been the staple for trendy outfits. It’s been used so much that I am sure the majority of guys out there own a pair and surprisingly though black high tops are still selling.

These shoes will work on any casual outfit you sport. Anything from blue jeans to black ones or even track pants. It works on everything. Depending on the detailing though some might work better than not. I own a pair of these but I opted for gum soles (They are brownish instead of the white as in the the picture.) following my standing out rule. A grey pair – which I prefer – of high tops will also do wonders for you as they will also work on any casual outfit. I generally prefer lighter coloured shoes also maybe that’s why I have a pair of grey Hi’s too and I wish to also point out that I have worn the Grey ones way more than the black ones.

Wear these  and instantly any outfit you wear will look two steps trendier (no joke). Plus points because you can wear them any time you leave your house and look good no matter what. Clubbing seems a perfect fit and if you want to look up to date with trends and want to portray a very fashionable image then you need a pair of these. Highly recommended on my list.

A Pair Of Boots

And by that I mean  a really fashionable pair of boots.

Rogue Territory

Rogue Territory

If you ask us a pair of boots is one simple way to make any of your outfits instantly super-trendy. Take a look at many new campaigns coming out for winter – all of them have many or at least a few outfits they’ve fitted with boots. The trend actually started in late 2010/early 2011 and they’ve were favourites right away – but we think they’ve only gained ground a few months ago and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down.

Personally, I prefer boots made with different kinds of materials, for example, I have a pair that’s leather/ black tapered denim/ detailed soles (Black and brown), but again that’s me. Don’t get me wrong though, the top one is not by any margin under-par, it  is well detailed shoe with the zipper and lace detailing, it’s also high which again have our vote of awesomeness and the difference in leather only makes it better.

Honestly, we’d say you can’t go wrong with boots, bonus points for the ability to instantly super-charged any outfit with cool and the standing-out factor will be present. Look forward to be one of few to be sporting this image. Think biker, think badass, think exuding confidence, think insanely stylish – get yourself a pair. Do yourself that favour.

Insanely Coloured Sneakers

Crazy - choice is yours

Crazy – choice is yours

If you look at this year colours have been one of the biggest things (think celebrities lately from LMFAO  to Nicki Minaj) and they’ve not only been limited to shoes. We’ve had Blue hair, pink hair, girls have dip dyed, leopard print pants/tracks, zebra prints and all of these have been in any imaginable colour combination.

However, if Nicki Minaj is definitely not someone you consider a role model then don’t fret the whole vibrantly coloured sneakers thing started with the hip hop movement back in the 90’s so use that as an excuse.

Insanely Coloured sneaks, outrageously designed or  a pair of exaggerated-taken-overboard-shoes need to be a part of your collection this year.  Not only will you look stylish but not everyone will dare sport one of these and super points go to the fact that originality, creativity and the standing out factor all come as perks. Look forward to only other fervent fashion followers trying this out and if you’re lucky that someone might just be from the opposite sex.

These kinds of shoes also tend to not go out of fashion easily so I strongly recommend getting a pair that has not been heavily marketed.

I’ll say this I’ve looked at many pairs before choosing mine so make sure the sneakers go with your comfort level – even though you’ll get used to them sooner or later.

Loafers Or Oxfords For These Classy Occasions

Oxford Shoe

Oxford Shoe

Every man needs a pair of  ‘Classic Shoes’, oxfords are my favourites and I strongly recommend. I tend to go for ones that have little detail – sometimes with laces and sometimes even as slip-ons with no laces at all.  The above is shiny and will only work on very coordinated clothing, for a more versatile pair of shoes I’d go for the same with a mat colour. There are also shoes with a type of mat where it will look semi shiny,- still on the mat side though – those I’d prefer.

The pair above is super funky and classy too. I’d say only wear if you’ll dress the part. When you do? Be prepared to have all eyes on you. Think James Bond. These will only be sported by the likes of Bradley Cooper and you if you picture his outfits you can imagine what you’d be like in them.

No.5 – Detailed Version

For the last pair, we’ve decided to go with the idea that every person has their own personal style and depending on that they should pick their fifth option.

The rule is: depending on what you wear most or what you like to wear most pick your favourite shoe style from above and get an extremely detailed version of it.

For example: If you find yourself wearing classic clothing most of the time, make sure you have an extra pair of well designed Oxfords. when it comes to me, I wear mostly high tops or boots therefore my fifth pair would be an nicely detailed and stylish version of a high top or boots.

My No.5? Below.

Stylish Hi Top

Stylish Hi Top

Ohhh and that’s it!

Thank you for reading my article, please let us know what you think about our selections in the comments. Don’t forget to like and share and follow! Also, don’t forget we will be posting more detailed articles in regards to new designs and our favourites for the year end.


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