Hairstyles: Our Top Selections for 2012

Ooooh, hairstyles.

This post should have been published about 10 months ago but I only see my forecasts in hairstyles setting in now. So, big chances are this post is likely to help or give you that final push to do the change.

Okay so, top trending cuts for the past two years haven’t been too different but there have been obvious changes that in my opinion happened for the better. Since the past two years the template has been the same: Short on the sides and volume up top.

Short on the sides and volume up top. Now how much of each is all up to you. This can vary depending on your taste.  If you ask me for example, I’ll tell you I like really short on the sides – almost shaved even – and ridiculous volume up top.  To me the more volume up top the better, think Johnny Bravo, Ace Ventura without the sides, even Elvis Presley just shave the sides. Now I am also a guy that loves doing insane things, I’m someone who changes haircuts about 7, 8, 9  haircuts a year(Not even coming close to joking), this year I’ve done 10 haircuts. I’ll admit a few can be combined to slight variations but how many guys do you know who do this?

Formula: Short on the sides and Volume up top.

I also wear anything from really classy, to modified hip-hop to looking like a biker all the way to an american 80’s rockstar within a week, so my take on how we vary the formula might not be exactly what you are looking for but if it is? Hey, glad I helped.  Starters, let’s look at some of these so called short on the pff volume up taaaa!

I apologize for the predictability – anybody looking for fresh face having a completely new take on fashion is simply/sorely/unimaginably/inconsolably bored right now. Hopefully my little English Escapade( w/ french accent) made up for it.

But if anyone is going to be talking about men’s fashion can’t skip Beckham –  he revolutionizes the whole thing again and again!

Okay, so in any case, to me, what is above,  is the perfect example of volume up top. I simply love how the top can almost be considered classy, plus the added benefit of being free with which way you decided to lean your hair equals to awesomeness. I personally love long hair and if you ask me to have this haircut I’ll wear it no problem. This haircut also makes me automatically think creative – so if you’re into confident smart girls they’ll notice. The sides though go well with the cut but I like a more shaven side.

The Short Sides Concept

Here’s one that’s changed and had some evolution since the past two years. What started out as scissor cut sides – so relatively long- turned out to become the completely shaven sides and now I see the sides reverting back to the scissor cut sides. I personally am probably going to grow out the sides just a bit to get the scissor cuts.

Regular Shaved Sides

This one is possibly the best one to have if you have to maintain a polished image for work – the main reason I prefer this one. I work as teacher so 10 months out of 12 I am compelled to maintain an appropriate image. Turns out with this one I did just fine.

Scissor Cut Sides

Scissor cut sides were hard to find especially on men. You’ll find more examples on maybe punk cuts (but in this post it would defeat purpose). In the image above  you get an idea how it will look on the side – the person in the middle. Plus, a front view – person on the right. Both are scissor sides and even though it’s longer, it will still keep that sleek look. I see more people shifting that way but really it will depend on the person.

Shaved Sides

Shaved Sides

The top two are completely shaved sides. This one is the top trending one right now and has been gaining ground since the beginning of 2012. But, Wait! Wah? But that’s a girl cut yo! Bro, If you shave your head nobody’s going to care …or know for that matter.

I’ve also seen people having designs on the sides or half scissor and half shaved but that will have to be covered in another post. Try Cassie on Google you’ll find a few.

Back To The Top…Of Your Hair

Okay so now let’s cover the top of your hair – the pompadour! That’s if you like my way of styling hair.

The the top has the most variations and basically you can get as creative as you want to. You can style it short or long (Picture 1), somewhere between or even longer.. Up to you.

If you want to stand out or you simply like you create your own/unconventional crazy cut then go for longer with volume.

Medium Length w/Volume!

To me this is one of the most perfect examples of volume. If you have lots of hair and most haircuts can’t go too well, then this one is for you. Even if you don’t have ample hair you can still try this one and it’ll still work wonders because of the shorter hair length. Plus points – this one happens to be medium length and what I would consider the most ‘acceptable’ ones for work.

Long w/Volume!

This variation is one of my favourite ones. If you like to stand out or have an ‘IDGAF’ , ‘I do what I want/  I don’t care what people think’ image then this one is yours. This haircut oozes confidence and in itself has a loud voice saying you are a symbol of originality. I personally love the length up top adding the fact that not everyone is going to dare try this cut – specially with the shaved sides.  It can be pulled off as classy as well.

Short/ Medium Side Crop w/ Volume

If you have naturally thin hair or thinning hair and are looking for a trending cut then this one is yours.  This one is an example of a nice pompadour morphed with a peaked side crop – another top trending cut of 2012. So if you’ve managed to morph both that can only equal to bonus points. I have personally had this cut a few times this year because the longer sides go well with a presentable work look and it’ll keep the co-workers off your back! Except the female ones. Or whichever ones you want to attract for that matter – in a gender neutral way..

Curly Medium Length w/ Volume

This seems to be where the trend is currently shifting to. Many major fashion chains have had this haircut as an integral part of their recent campaigns. If you have or if you like curly hair then don’t fret because here’s the option for you. I personally have curly hair and doing this cut would mean almost zero minutes to get ready and it still looks really good. Agreed, this looks more like wavy hair but I’ve seen full blown curls up top still look nice. (Check out the slideshow below.) Verdict: Trends are going this way/ you like curls –  no need to sleep on it.

Medium Long w/ Volume

Finally, also note that this hairstyle can also be simply styled as classic with shaved sides. I’m not too much of a fan of this one though because of the flatness. However, I have been caught with this, a few times even, this  year – waking up late. If you like this one though –  nothing wrong there, it is still an awesome haircut and you will impress.

That’s It! … Oh! Except there’s more..

So! Here is my list of top cuts for 2012 and also squeezed in the trend for the coming year.  Obviously, keep in mind that there have been other cuts that have topped in 2012 but in my opinion this one has been the real game-changer.

 The point of this article was to show you guys all the options and let you decide, so don’t forget to get creative and make your own. Only The Important Stuff in Fashion is all about originality so don’t hold back. (Wouldn’t mind seeing some of your creations either – send pictures!)Also note that I adore all the variations in this post –  only some a little more than others!

For some more inspiration check out my slideshow below with more variations for this haircut! (You might find me in there, lol, bonus star power if you find out who I am!)

Also, leave me comments in the section below and tell me your opinion about the article and don’t forget to support and share!

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